Kitchener-Waterloo Society for Innovation in Medicine


The Kitchener-Waterloo Society for Innovation in Medicine (KWSIM) is a group of healthcare and STEM students united by a shared passion for medical technology.
Our tenets:

To connect people from medical and STEM backgrounds for meaningful discourse

To empower students to be a driving force in the direction of medical technology

To collaborate with local initiatives to identify and solve real world problems


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Our members include students from McMaster University - Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine and the University of Waterloo - School of Pharmacy and Engineering Faculty

Eric To


Eric is a first year internal medicine resident at McMaster's Waterloo Regional Campus, and also a "KW lifer." Before completing his MD (also at the Waterloo Regional Campus), he received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph and worked for two years as a medical secretary and transcriptionist where he developed interests in eHealth and telemedicine. Having also grown up in KW, Eric is excited to help support the evolution of the region's medical technology sector. You can usually find Eric playing racquet sports, trying new escape rooms, or more likely, relentlessly binge watching a TV show.

Mei Chen


Mei is a first year psychiatry resident at McMaster - Waterloo campus. Before medicine, she received a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from the University of Waterloo and previously worked as a senior tax associate at PwC LLP. Mei hopes to use her background in business and medicine to help guide new initiatives in the medtech space. She is also interested in ways technology can be leveraged to transform healthcare to be more time and cost-efficient. Outside of work, Mei can be found travelling/eating, slowly watching Star Trek TNG, or playing squash.

Katie Chen


Katie is a Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. With interests in machine learning (ML) and psychology, she specializes in neural engineering: specifically Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and mechanistic ways to model cognition. As an avid med-tech hacker, Katie understands the difficulties in obtaining clinical feedback on healthcare solutions. Through KWSIM, she hopes to bridge the gap between engineering and medical communities to better support innovations in healthcare. Katie loves adventures and recently returned from a bike-packing trip in Victoria. An ideal evening for her is some yoga before bed and a few chapters of Murakami. She also discovered bouldering this year and would love to climb together.

Adib Shamsuddin


Adib is a final year medical student at the McMaster Waterloo campus. He previously completed a bachelor's in mechanical engineering with an automotive focus at the University of Windsor. Adib has an interest in removing access barriers to healthcare, such as through telemedicine, and reducing treatment delay with point of care diagnostic technologies. When he isn't working, he's likely watching anime, trying to do a chin-up, or cooking rice.

Maaz Shanjer

Maaz is a second-year medical student at McMaster University. Prior to medical school, he completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, where he did co-op in the biomedical industry and research in nanomedicine. Maaz’s interests include the application of nanotechnology for medical solutions as well as the use of machine learning for workflow automation. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his bike, working out and watching movies.

Hongbo(Steve) Qiu

Steve is a first year McMaster medical student from Edmonton, Alberta. Before medicine, he completed his Bachelor of Science in physiology at University of Alberta. With some background in healthcare QI and management consulting for non-profits, Steve is interested in integrating technology into medical practice to modernize healthcare delivery. In his spare time, Steve can be found designing weird trinkets to 3D print or binge watching random shows suggested by his friends.

Nikhil Patil

Nikhil is a first-year medical student at McMaster University from Waterloo, Ontario. Before entering medical school, he was studying Medical Health Informatics and Physiology at the University of Western Ontario. He is interested in the application of technology and AI in various healthcare contexts, and enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and exercising in his free time.

Laura Zhukas

Laura is an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. She is interested in the development of specialized patient care through regenerative medicine, image processing, and machine vision. Laura aims to contribute to advancements in medical technology in the Kitchener-Waterloo region by connecting students, startups, and leaders in the healthtech industry. In her spare time, she enjoys cross-country skiing and working on hackathon projects.

Ethan Lee

Ethan Lee is a 3rd year undergraduate student in the Computer Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo. Ethan is interested in the use of machine learning and predictive analysis to improve patient healthcare. He hopes to make an impact in the medical technology space using both his entrepreneurial and technical skills. Ethan has an interest in website development and designed this website.

Sarah Chan

Sarah is an undergraduate student in the Nanotechnology Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo. Sarah is pursuing an accelerated masters at the University of Waterloo in Chemical Engineering with a focus on biomaterials for stem cell and tissue engineering as well as biomedical applications of microfluidic devices. Through KWSIM, Sarah hopes to learn more about different aspects of healthcare and learn more about emerging biotechnologies as well as connect with other students and professionals in the fields of biotechnology and healthcare. In her free time, Sarah enjoys watching movies and going to concerts.

Furqan Syed

Furqan Syed is an undergraduate student in Biomedical Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo. Furqan is interested in the modernization of medicine through the use of computers and AI to help with patient diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, he has an interest in pursuing graduate school after graduation and impacting the Canadian healthcare system. Furqan looks to make an impact in the Kitchener-Waterloo region through KWSIM and then scaling it to larger health systems.

Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas is a second-year McMaster medical student from Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Prior to medical school, he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics & Statistics at Acadia University where he was also a member of the varsity men’s basketball team. Alex has a particular interest in sports medicine, mental wellness, and Indigenous health. While pursuing a career in medicine, he hopes to work collaboratively to contribute to innovations in medical technology and find ways to incorporate medical technology into everyday practice and enhance patient care.

Kira Wadden

Kira Wadden is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo in the Biomedical Engineering program. Before moving to Waterloo for school, Kira figure skated competitively and also taught skating to children in Vancouver BC. Kira’s interests in medicine include tissue engineering, and Internet of Things medical devices. She looks forward to impacting the Kitchener-Waterloo region’s healthcare sector and contributing to the KWSIM from an engineering perspective.

Cristian Hertzer

Cristian is a second year McMaster medical student. Born and raised in Calgary, he then received his Bachelor’s of Arts and Science in Cognitive Science, with a minor in Economics, from McGill University. Cristian is interested in leveraging technology to personalize patient care and reduce inefficiencies in health care administration. He hopes to continuously involve himself in technology focused projects throughout his training and into his practice.

Candice Griffin

Candice is a first year internal medicine resident at McMaster’s Waterloo Regional Campus. Prior to medicine she worked in marketing and design, and was the creator and developer of, a locally-based e-commerce website that featured medically directed health, wellness and beauty products. After deciding to pursue a career in medicine, she then completed a bachelor of science at the University of Waterloo and subsequently attended medical school at McMaster University. She hopes to combine her past interests in information technology with her current life in medicine to hopefully innovate healthcare in Canada, improving patient safety and outcomes. In her spare time she enjoys horse-training, mountain biking and hiking with her dogs.


Supported by the Michael G. DeGroote Initiative for Innovation in Healthcare

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